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Hello and Welcome to Love, Pumpkin!

Love Pumpkin, has been something that I have been contemplating starting for a significant amount of time and thought now was the right time to take the plunge and share it with all of you lovely people. This blog has been compiled and influenced through self perseverance, my country girl, Hampshire roots and most importantly, my family, close friends and partner. For this, I can’t thank them enough.

After beginning my second year at University, sitting through endless lectures and meeting deadlines that didn’t stimulate or fully engage my brain, I had a self epiphany and realised my career path was completely wrong for me and what I wanted to be doing in life. Not only did it cause a huge amount of worry and throw me off guard, but it also put me on track and enabled me to acknowledge what I wanted to focus on whilst enhancing my passion; healthy living and food!

Food, health and wellbeing are just three of my greatest loves in life and as an individual who has an adoration of all things green, natural and scrumptious, I want to show you that healthy eating and living does not have to be a boring lifestyle or a huge expense but more of an adventure that introduces your body to both feeling amazing whilst eating wonderful food. I believe that vegetables, our delicious rainbows, can be turned into a centrepiece at any dinner and that those best loved dishes that everyone falls for, can be transformed into a nutritious, delicious  alternative whilst still satisfying your cravings.

I am led by the joy and pleasure that food provides – the spices entwining with one another in a sizzling pan, the deep scent of fresh citrus fruits when you crack open their layers and the flavour combinations that spark sensation for our palates. It’s about bringing people together and seeing the look of pleasure on peoples faces when you provide them with plates of endless healthy goodness makes its all, completely worthwhile. That’s the best part of it all.

Come on my journey with me. It will be exciting, I promise!

Love, Pumpkin.