It’s all about the Kefir!

Hello hello! So, this has been a long awaited blog post and is one that I have been wanting to go live for a long time. If you lovelies follow me on Instagram then you’ll see that recently I’ve been collaborating with a few companies who specialise in products that are orientated around the health and wellbeing spectrum, both in beauty and food which has been fab experience, one I hope to carry on to broaden my knowledge! It’s a fantastic chance to gain sneak a peak from a first hand point of view about the company (ies), their ethos and what drives them to create heartfelt and innovative ideas for their audiences.

Seeing how passionate each individual involved is about what they do is seriously incredible and I’m here to spread that even further and get you little beauties to check them out! Lets get started, I know you want to see! 


(Let’s just take a little sec to appreciate how adorable the packaging is?! All eco-friendly, biodegradable and designed by a local welsh artist called Helen Elliot. LOVE IT!)

Here we are with company number 1. The Kefir loving beauties at the Chuckling Goat – possibly some of the nicest people I’ve ever come across who love what they do. The team are based in Carmarthenshire, South West Wales and produce all the products with love, care and passion both through their gorgeous goats on their farm and the staff – they’re a company full of dedication, knowledge and genuine understanding who put more than 100% into their business which is undoubtedly shown through each and every aspect!

Their focus is on handmade, natural goodness with no nasty paragens, dyes, perfumes or chemicals that are often incorporated into the vast majority of skincare products and honestly? The difference is beyond belief people, I can’t begin to explain! Above all, the main ingredient in their body loving products is Kefir (I wasn’t fully sure about the benefits straight away either, don’t worry!) which is a fermented milk product produced from white or yellow particles called ‘grains,’ resembling that of teeny tiny cauliflower heads. Although it resembles a yoghurt consistency, is contains a significant amount of healthy bacteria, known as ‘non-transient,’ that provide a cheerful, healthy gut and improve your digestive system. HUGE health benefits and they look, smell and feel so nice! Plus, it’s provided by beautiful little goats who are the focus of the company!


When it comes to beauty and skincare products, I have to steer completely clear of anything that is perfumed – my skin becomes sensitive, uncontrollably itchy and sore more than anything else which makes it veeeery easy for me to avoid them at all costs. No irritated skin for soph! For those of you who are unsure as to why perfumed products cause this reaction, our skin, though it may not appear visible on the surface can be irritated underneath through the breakdown of collagen which is caused by products that contain irritable ingredients, meaning the skins ability to heal is prolonged. Interesting stuff, right?

I kindly received this toolkit (£19.95) from the team who made the whole experience so personal with complete attention to detail from beginning to end. Elly, one of the lovely staff members discussed and went into detail about the different kits they had and how each kit benefited different skin types. Having this information provided before I decided which one to go for was both helpful and insightful as it allowed me to gravitate towards the Sensitive kit due to the nature of my skin. I felt like a child on Christmas morning when this came to the front door – literally couldn’t wait!

3 items, 3 different uses, 1 result… soft, silky smooth skin with NO reaction. Say what?! This for me was a major hallelujah moment – it has taken me so long to find products that provide results this quickly and so well. Bit of a miracle, I’d say! First was the bath melts! It used to be a case where I’d use standard bath bubbles to fill the tub with and my skin would feel as dry as the sahara desert the minute I stepped out. Literally. It felt as though the moisture had just been absorbed and was nowhere to be seen. I thought baths were meant to be relaxing?

IMG_3544 (1).jpg

I used one of the Chuckling Goat melts and instantly, there was no sign of dryness or irritation, but rather I was left with skin that felt revitalised, fresh and full of health. The combination of coconut oil, cocoa butter, honey and oatmeal, all of which have a vast amount of health benefits and qualities individually, soothe the skin and make you feel like you’ve just received a big, warm, comforting hug that leaves you feeling significantly better, even after a few days. The change in my skin is beyond belief and I honestly cannot praise the importance of using no nasty products after using these on the daily – lost for words!

Our skin is our most important, visible organ which is often forgotten about when it comes to looking after it and the continuous use of non-natural products on us, is only enhancing the worst. Using the Chuckling Goat products will not only help you and your skin in so many ways but it will also make this company grow even bigger into what is already, a wonderful business with an incredible ethos, beautiful quality products that genuinely work and a team that provide you with endless knowledge, assistance and understand your personal needs right from the start. Oh, and how could I forget those beautiful goats who produce these products to look after you 🙂

Check out their details at the bottom of this blog post! If you also head over to my Instagram, they have kindly provided me with my own discount code, SophMillington10 which gives you lovely readers 10% of your cart. Ready, set, GO!

I was certainly left chuckling, I hope you will be to!

Love, Pumpkin.

Twitter: @ChucklingGoat
Instagram: @chucklinggoat

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